Welcome to Corrupt Solicitors

This site is dedicated to the fight against the very small minority of corrupt solicitors.

These are the solicitors that gouge fees, promise you the world but give you nothing other than more fees.

They are relentless in their pursuit for money. (Greed)

These fees and charges that the victim cannot pay can often lead to bankruptcy.

These Solicitors are protected by a system that allows them to have the power to abuse their position of trust.

If you have been damaged by a corrupt solicitor that has caused your family to suffer.

"Tell your story" 

This may have happened to others, in the same way by the same Solicitor.

There are many victims marginalized with no way to speak out.

This site gives the victim a platform to tell their story and make a difference.

Banks can only carry out their fraudulent activities with the assistance of corrupt

 Solicitors who bring the sting all together and create the chaos that consumes the Bank Victim.

If you would like to share your story on our Facebook page you are welcome, or you can send us an email to

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